So you think you’re a savvy traveller? Did you watch the BBC’s Race Across the World and think “I’d be good at that!”? Then come and test your skills at Lupine Travel's inaugural Trans-European Race! Compete with other entrants at improvising the quickest travel route you can across Europe from London to Istanbul.


The race begins at the base of Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, London, on the morning of August 1st, 2020. We will meet at 09:00 where coffees, teas and pastries will be provided so you can meet your fellow entrants and we will hand out your race packs.

At 10:00 on the dot, the race begins!

The race ends near Taksim Square in Istanbul. The cut-off for the race is at 19:00 on Saturday 8th August, 2020, which is when the awards will begin to be presented. This gives you 7 days and 9 hours to complete the journey to count as a finisher.

“Well that sounds easy? I can just plan out the whole route ahead of time; it’ll take a few days?”

Hold your horses! On the start line, each entrant will be handed a race pack with details of several Lupine themed checkpoints along the way. You’d be wise to book your transport across the English Channel to Paris and our first checkpoint ahead of time via eurostar or bus for those aiming for the budget prize. You can use the time on this journey to start planning your route through the other checkpoints. (Note: we are toying with the idea of releasing checkpoint info at multiple points along the race, this aspect of the format is not yet 100% confirmed).

Checkpoints will vary from things such as a selfie in front of a particular landmark, or they may be manned by Lupine staff depending on the number of race entrants.

Your transport and accommodation throughout the race is all self-funded and self-arranged. Please note this is not an organised tour like Lupine's other trips, this is a self-organised race.



There are 3 titles to be won with trophies for each, and medals for all finishers. It is possible to win multiple awards...

At the time of launch, the awards are just a trophy (and of course bragging rights!), however, we are in talks with some companies who wish to sponsor prizes, but we cannot make any promises on this at this stage.


Entering the race is easy, just click through on the PayPal button below and pay the £99 race entrance fee...


Can I enter as a team?

Yes you can, however, the entry fee is still £99 per racer.

What's included in the price?

The fee covers entrance to the race as well as access to the starting event with race-pack and to the awards event, your finishers medal and any other awards you qualify for. The scale of the start and end parties will vary depending on how many entrants join the race. We will also provide an emergency hotline during the race where our team will help you if you get stuck somewhere (Please note that depending on the level of assistance provided you may become ineligible for one of the 3 awards).

Will I need visas?

Most entrants will need a Turkish e-visa which can be bought online for approx. $20. The race itself can take any route from the UK through the Schengen zone then through Central and South Eastern Europe including any Balkan countries, most Europeans passport holders will have visa free access to this whole region.

Is there a maximum budget?

No, you can spend what you like, but the person with the lowest transport spend will win a prize; The Plutus Award!


To contact us please email


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