Trans-European Race 2023


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Pictures from our 2023 Race

  • 2023 Trans-European Race Summary
  • Our inaugral event saw a sold out field of 100 racers make their way from London to Istanbul. Ahead of time the racers had their start and end location as well as knowing that the first checkpoint would be in Paris (allowing them to pickup their Eurostar and bus tickets across the channel ahead of time).

    We had a very competitive set of fastest finishers completing the event in under 3 days, as well as our top country counter managing to hit up 22 European nations during the event. We also had some very savvy spenders complete the race for under £100. At the finish we celebrated with a boat party on the Bosphorus with our trophies and finishers medals.

    Thanks to our mapping partner Pin Drop, we had a real time live-map of the racers for friends and family to follow along with at home, as well as daily race coverage Instagram Reels.

    On the start line, the racers were given their briefing...

    Your mission if you choose to accept it...

    The year is 1948 and the Second World War is over, but the Cold War has just begun. We need a secure message delivered to Istanbul, but we cannot use our normal channels.

    To complete this task, first you’ll need to travel to Paris and head to La Terrasse de Pomone; a cafe close to the Louvre, where you will rendezvous with an elite member of the French intelligence services…. Bob.

    Using his years of experience in subterfuge and disguise, Bob will be doing his best to blend in with the Parisian locals by wearing the traditional local clothing of a Lupine Travel branded t-shirt. Bob will give you a password; you must save this for later.

    As we’re sending many of you on this mission, it would be wise to split-up before you make your way towards the Iron Curtain. After Paris, head to any of the following 3 touristic cities and blend in with the other holiday-makers, Prague, Munich or Venice.

    Next, continue east to the capital of Yugoslavia; Belgrade. In the city centre there lies a museum dedicated to the great scientist Nikola Tesla. On the right hand side of the gate there is a plaque depicting his portrait. Make a copy of this. The British government has spared no expense in procuring for you the finest tools to complete this job; a sheet of paper and a #2 HB pencil with which to make a pencil rubbing. You will find these inside your mission packs.

    With your artwork in hand, head to Bulgaria and the Roman ruin laden city of Plovdiv. In the old part of the city lies a beautiful guest house. Don’t panic, the staff here are our allies and if you deliver Bob’s password to them they will present you with a book with our covert message encoded in the pages.

    Each of you has an agent number on the outside of your mission packs. Find the page in the book that matches this number, carefully remove it and deliver it to Istanbul; on neutral ground.

    Good luck!