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Join us for one of our surprise public transport adventures across Europe

So you think you’re a savvy traveller? Then come and test your skills at a Lupine Race! Compete with other entrants at improvising the quickest public transport route you can across Europe from the start line to the end and compete for the prizes.

There's also no pressure to race. If you like the sound of the event, and think it'd be a great excuse to spend a week hopping checkpoints across Europe with like minded people (plus a party at the end) then this event is for you too.

If racing isn't your cup of tea, make sure to checkout our group tours to places as far flung as Syria, Pakistan, Mali and many more.

“Well that sounds easy? I can just plan out the whole route ahead of time; it’ll take a few days?”

Hold your horses! On the start line, each entrant will be handed a race pack with details of several themed checkpoints along the way. You’d be wise to book your transport across the English Channel to the first checkpoint ahead of time via eurostar or bus for those aiming for the budget prize. You can use the time on this journey to start planning your route through the other checkpoints.

Checkpoints will vary from things such as a selfie in front of a particular landmark, or they may be manned by Lupine staff depending on the number of race entrants.

Your transport and accommodation throughout the race is all self-funded and self-arranged. Please note this is not an organised tour like Lupine's other trips, this is a self-organised race.